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Dr. Stearns steps down from Chair of Board

As of 30 June 2020, Dr. Don Stearns stepped down from a nine-year tenure as Chair of the Board of Directors of ECSC. Don was involved in all aspects of the conference and tended each aspect with care and attention. His ability to recall the recent past and bring in all parties to a decision was spectacular. His 14 years as an officer contributed in many and various ways.

Dr. Stearns is not leaving ECSC, he wants to devote more time and energy to academic and career issues. ECSC thanks Dr. Stearns and hopes he stays close to all members.

Lance S. Evans

Manuscripts Receiving Awards ECSC 2020

Manuscripts Receiving Awards ECSC 2020

Voting Results

July 1, 2020

ECSC Travel Grant Program

The travel grant program of ECSC was established to assist institutions that have limited resources to attend our conferences. Faculty are encouraged to apply for these funds. The application is available. The application must be filled out completely with a narrative. The process is simple. Applicants are encouraged to give all details so the committee can understand the applicant’s situation.

Both the application and the narrative should be submitted in pdf form via email to Dr. Lance Evans ( by the date of December 15th prior to the conference.

The application materials will be submitted to members of the Travel Grant Committee for evaluation. The committee will give its evaluation to Dr. Evans so that the applicant will be informed of the decision by the date of January 15th prior to the conference.

The origin of the program is given in the “Board Actions” icon on the website under “Voting Results’. Reference to this origin is not encouraged during the application process.

Dr. Lance S. Evans 09 July 2020.

ECSC Travel Grant Application