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Eastern Colleges Science Conference 2021 Eastern Colleges Science Conference 2021 Eastern Colleges Science Conference 2021 Eastern Colleges Science Conference 2021 Eastern Colleges Science Conference 2021

Plenum Presentation:
Saturday 10 April 12:15 to 12:45 PM

Title: Data Science Requires “Data” and Science”:
Applications in Chemical Manufacturing

Dr. Mary Beth Seasholtz, Dow, Inc., Midland, Michigan

Dr. Mary Beth Seasholtz

Mary Beth Seasholtz is a Technology Leader for Data Science at Dow, Inc. She began her career in 1992 in the area of analytical chemistry, applying chemometrics to process analyzers. Now her primary responsibility is to drive the technology needed to use data to make money in manufacturing. For this, she focuses on several areas, including statistics, chemometrics, as well as software platforms to help others do the same. In 2015, she and her team were awarded the 2015 Golden Mousetrap Award in Design Tools Hardware & Software: Analysis & Calculation Software from Design News. They also were awarded the 2015 Manufacturing Leadership Award: Big Data and Advanced Analytics Leadership from Manufacturing Leadership Community (Frost and Sullivan). In 2016 the team was awarded High Achiever for Big Data and Advanced Analytics Leadership (also from Frost and Sullivan).

Most recently, Mary Beth has been awarded the STEP Ahead Award from the Manufacturing Institute, 2020. This award is a national recognition and distinction that celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding female leadership in science, technology, engineering and production careers. The award is based on Innovation and Leadership as well as mentorship and community impact. Also in 2020 she was named an “Influential Women in Manufacturing Honoree”. “The 20 women who were selected this year are recognized for their leadership in manufacturing. Each honoree has helped move the needle not only for their respective organizations, but for women and manufacturing everywhere.” Influential Women in Manufacturing (IWIM) honors women who are effecting change in the manufacturing and industrial production space. IWIM celebrates the wide-ranging, needle-moving accomplishments of women in all discrete and process manufacturing industries while sparking conversations about best practices for building the workforce that will continue to drive the manufacturing industry forward.

Mary Beth has an undergraduate degree in chemistry and mathematics from Lebanon Valley College and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and MS in Applied Mathematics, both from the University of Washington.

Poster Sessions

Thursday April 8th at 4 PM until Friday April 9th at 6 PM

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Posters will be posted to Twitter by 10 AM.
You should be able to access all of them by searching for the #ecsc2021 hashtag.
Unfortunately, #ecsc2021 overlaps with the 2021 European Cyber Security Challenge
so right now you will only see those tweets.
This link limits the dates and will not return anything until after the conference starts:

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A page linking to each individual conference poster will be distributed on the day of the conference.

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Platform Presentations

Saturday April 10th from 9 AM until 4 PM

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Biochemistry - AM session


Combined - AM session


Plenum Lecture


Chemistry - PM session


Molecular Biology | Microbiology - PM session


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Participants should refer to the ‘Judging’ link on the ECSC website for most questions.
Any information given here and in additional messages for the 2021 conference will supersede any competing information posted on the website’s ‘Judging’ link.
If any information posted on the ‘Judging’ link is not addressed herein, the policies on the ‘Judging’ link must be followed.
The conference will present awards for poster presentations, platform presentations,
and full-length papers.
Again, consult the ‘Judging’ link for further information regarding these categories.
Strict deadlines, without exception, will be followed.

There are no fees for the conference.


Registration and Abstracts are due March 5th, 2021.
Full-length papers are due February 20th, 2021.
The deadline for full-length papers has pasted
so no additional papers will be accepted for review.

Students that plan to submit a full-length paper
should follow all directions under “judging” on the website.

Full-Length Manuscripts Submitted For
An Excellence Award


Robert Fogle and Katherine Peake
Health Sciences


Jamie Gatesman and Riley Justice


Joshua R. Hughes


Haley Kovach and Karlee Schultz


Lawrence Phillips

ECSC Virtual Registration

Individuals must be registered for ECSC electronically, by using the appropriate form on the website.

Platform presentation abstracts much be registered for first authors only.

Use the form here and submit by the deadline.
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Poster presentation abstracts much be registered for first authors only.

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Other student authors, students and guests may register here.

If you do not register, your name will not appear in the record and you may not be able to access materials during the conference.
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Since this is a digital conference, non-registrants are welcome to attend (but their name will not appear in the conference attendee list or receive last minute conference updates.)

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions take place from 4 PM on Thursday April 8th until 6 PM on Friday April 9th.

Twitter Guidelines

You must tweet a photo of your poster (from the Twitter account submitted during ECSC Registration) between 4PM on Thursday April 8th and 10AM on Friday April 9th.
For our virtual conference, posters will be presented and discussed on Twitter.
Here is an example of a Twitter Poster Session thread for one poster (scroll down to read the comments, some are substantive, many are just complimentary):
Twitter | Lizzie R Ashton
Posters should be uploaded as a JPG, PNG, or even an (animated) GIF image.
Twitter supports images of up to 5 MB in those formats.
If your image is too large, Twitter will refuse to let you post your image.
See Twitter Image Size.
Twitter is a public space; please include appropriate copyright acknowledgments and always check prospective journals for their policies regarding (pre)publishing any data you plan to publish.
Set your Twitter profile to public for the duration of the ECSC Conference (you may wish to make a new account for this purpose).
Only tweet your poster once. Do not delete or retweet your poster.
The twitter account owner (not ECSC) has control over the tweets.
The intent here is to prevent students from “correcting” their posters after they have been submitted and creating confusion.

Tag your tweet using the hashtag #ECSC2021 plus one of the following category hashtags:

Biology (#Botany)
Biology (#Ecology)
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Biology (#Microbiology)
Biology (#Physiology)
Biology (#Zoology)
Chemistry (#Analytical)
Chemistry (#Inorganic)
Chemistry (#Organic)
Chemistry (#PChem)
Computer Science (#CompSci)
Environmental Science (#Environment)
Health Sciences (#Health)
Political Science (#PolySci)
Psychology (Clinical, #Counseling)
Psychology (#Development)
Psychology (#ExperimentalPsych)
Psychology (#SocialPsych)

Pin your poster tweet to make it easy to find.
After tweeting your poster, you may make additional tweets: introduce yourself and your group; feel free to add supporting information that is helpful.
This information may show the audience the poster’s academic level, it’s background, etc., like materials you would learn if you saw or spoke to the students.
Throughout the day, monitor your twitter account. All interaction will take place on twitter.
Respond to questions as you are available. Block and report offensive comments on your poster.
Keep in mind this is an interdisciplinary conference and your audience may not have the same background as you.
You can view other students’ posters by searching with the hashtag #ECSC2021 or by looking for links added to the online conference landing page.
at [item to be put here]. Judges will review and comment on posters until 6 PM on April 9th.
Judges’ questions will not be explicitly identified; presenters should respond to all questions of substance.

Platform Presentations

Presentations take place on Saturday April 10th from 9AM until 4AM.

For our virtual conference, platform presentations will be live on Zoom.
In a manner similar to past conferences, all platform presentations will be assigned to an appropriate session hosted as a Zoom meeting.
Links to each Zoom meeting will be published on the online conference landing page.
at [item to be put here]. Presenters should join their respective Zoom meetings ten minutes before their session begins.
Students giving a joint presentation may join from different sites, but all students must be ready to present and will utilize a single screen during their allotted time period.
Students should have the presentation available on all presenters’ computers as a backup, in case of connection difficulties.
Each student or group of students will show their presentation with their computer and share their screen.
No presentation will be submitted, just shared during the session.
Each session will be manned by a moderator, charged with introducing students, keeping time, and limiting questions, and a technician available to deal with Zoom problems, muting audience microphones, etc.
Judges will not be identified, but rather appear as a member of the session audience.
The audience, and finished presenters, may leave at any time, but decorum suggests they wait for the break between presentations to do so.
More information will be forthcoming.



Judging forms for poster and platform presentations will be mailed to the name and address on the registration form.
No judging forms are produced for full-length papers.


Awards will be given to poster and platform presentations.
Students that are given awards for poster and platform sessions will be informed by postings on the website.
Award certificates will be mailed to awardees.

Awards are given for excellent full-length papers only.
As stated in the ‘Judging’ link, full length papers are considered to be excellent or not excellent.
Students that submit full-length papers will be informed by mail.
All awards for the conference will be posted on the ECSC website after the conference.
This posting may take up to one month after the conference.

The 2021 ECSC conference was organized and implemented by

Dr. Anthony Kapolka
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Wilkes University


Dr. Lance S. Evans
New York Botanical Garden