Poster Presentations –
ECSC 2021

The attached files that accompany this file will be the only files related to platform presentations.
Do not look elsewhere.

Each session will have one or two judges.
The judges will not have any conflicts of interest.
Each judge will nominate one excellent award if at least one presentation is deemed excellent.
A notice of excellence awards for poster presentations will be posted at this site
sometime after presentation day.
All awards will be posted at one time so if an award is not given to any presentation in a session,
the title of the session will be posted without any names given.

ECSC normally provides a judge’s review of each presentation.
But this year is not normal.
It is not clear if judge’s reviews will be forthcoming for your session or for you in particular.
If the judges submit a judge form for you,
a copy of that form will be sent to you as an attachment.
So, do not necessarily expect a judge’s form.
These are unusual times so expect the unexpected.

Always refresh the website as you enter it.

Participants were referred to the ‘judging’ icon on the website for any and all judging materials.